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Melissa develops education and prevention programs on sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence, stalking, how to support survivors and creating meaningful cultural change. As a passionate advocate and educator, she is dedicated to the lifelong work of dismantling the roots of oppression and fighting for equity, and social, racial and gender justice.  


5 Conversations Program

The 5 Conversations program is a social norms, sexual violence prevention and anti-oppression program tailored for Greek community chapters at the University of Washington. It was created in partnership with Greeks Take Action students, chapter leadership, and a graduate student. The program is rooted in an intersectional framework, is trauma-informed, sex-positive and peer led. It's modeled after Coaching Boys Into Men and Athletes as Leaders using a multi-session brief intervention model. The program is being piloted online this fall quarter and is funded by the WAVE Foundation.

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Melissa provides training for communities, organizations, and colleges on topics related to sexual and relationship violence. That includes the dynamics of sexual assault, relationship violence, coercive control, stalking, sexual harassment, supporting survivors, advocacy skills, safety planning, peer education programs, and more. 

The trainings are trauma-informed, rooted in intersectionality, centered on survivor empowerment, evidence-based, sex-positive and respect the dignity of the community. The trainings are conducted in close partnership with the community involving a holistic plan and outcome measures. 

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